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Arab Nile TV

Arab Nile is the premier provider of Arabic IPTV Television programming in the United States. We offer great quality channels in different packages to better accommodate your budget and entertainment needs.

By connecting our set-up box to your TV and broadband connection you can instantly watch the most popular Arabic Channels in the world! We strive for customer satisfaction. This is why we respond to all questions promptly via email or phone. In addition, We have the most knowledgeable staff that will assist you and get you up and running in no time.The accuracy in which your favorite Arabic television stars are portrayed will make you feel as if you are standing in front of them.

Arabic Nile TV has cutting edge technology immediately available to you in the privacy of your own home. You don’t even have to worry about whether conditions because unlike Satellite, IPTV is not affected by weather conditions. In addition, no costly equipment or DVRs are required.Get your TV into the social revolution our system comes with twitter and youtube already integrated in our Set-up box this is a truly exciting experience designed just for you.


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